Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 22, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Multi-age precincts envisioned to fight middle-aged spread in Australian cities
    Australias cities are becoming increasingly middle-aged with older people moving out when they reach a certain age to live in retirement villages in the outer suburbs, and the young mostly unable to afford to move in.
    But now a group of housing experts have come together to buck the trend, by promoting the idea of multi-age apartment towers that cater for everyone, from the very young to the elderly.
    During holiday time, you see a lot of older people in the city co…
  • What makes certain suburbs vulnerable to price crash?
    Homes in suburbs with a high concentration of rental properties turn out to be more vulnerable to the catastrophic financial changes which could lead to a price crash. In a commentary on The New Daily, industry watcher Raymond Gill said when a property market is saturated with unit rentals, they are…
  • Home prices still far from tolerable for buyers and homeowners alike
    There is certainly a growing clamour amongst homebuyers for house prices in Australia to drop, but it isn’t just those looking to get into (or expand) the market. In fact, a survey by ME Bank released in November revealed that 37% of homeowners and 20% of those with investment property wanted the…
  • Aussie housing bubble nowhere in sight: Moody's
    housing bubble hand2 In spite of high house prices and household debt, a global study has put Australia at low risk of a housing correction. A Moody’s Investor Service study of 20 advanced economies has ranked Australia as the second-lowest risk of a property price crash, the Sydney Morning Herald…
  • Home prices still far from tolerable for buyers and homeowners alike
    A significant number of home buyers and property investors want prices to fall
  • Renters, domestic violence victims could benefit from early super release
    In a foreword, Ms O’Dwyer said, Key issues that stakeholders have raised with me include: whether the mortgage foreclosure ground should be extended to rental eviction [and] whether the current rules for release on grounds of severe financial hardship appropriately balance the need for simplicity and…