Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 25, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Santa Claus’s home in the North Pole listed for sale
    Many people have speculated about what the inside of Santas house looks like, but now we have photo evidence.
    Father Christmas house has been listed for sale for $US657,000 ($876,000) on real estate site Zillow.
    As giving out the full address may compromise future Christmases forever, the listing simply states the house is in the North Pole.
    The three-bedroom house is on a 10-hectare blockthat functions…
  • US economic data point to upward momentum
    The interest rate on a fixed 30-year mortgage has increased more than 70 basis points to an average of 4.30 per cent, the highest level since April…
  • Banks in focus as world stocks drift into Xmas break
    Germany’s biggest lender reached a $7.2-billion deal to settle a case with the US Department of Justice over its role in the subprime mortgage crisis.