Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership July 19, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Home loan demand eases, prices to follow
    Data from credit information provider Equifax has found mortgage … movements in Equifax data have led movements in house prices by about six to…
  • From chandeliers to toile: The French designs home lovers adore
    If youve ever admired a well-turned cabriole leg, sipped a glass of champagne or donned a little black dress, you have enjoyed the fruits of a French mind.
    The list of French contributions to the realms of design would be best surmised in a book, but heres our favourite six that they have given to the home.
    The French Empire chandelier

    <img alt="Open homes: " data-gaaction="Downloads" data-gacategory="Download" data-galabel="Stocksy_txp05c39257Cl…

  • No expense spared: This is what a $2 million renovation looks like
    There are renovations and then there are next level, eye-watering luxury renovations.
    This freshly completed home fronting the golf course in Indooroopilly has been renovated to the tune of $2 million thats 42 times the average renovation spend.
    While the annual Houzz Home Australia survey found homeowners plan to spend an average of $47,000 on renovations this year, the owner of <a href="…
  • When does a bank account beat super?
    In my view you are too young for a reverse mortgage and there is no guarantee that your super will continue to earn 9 per cent and the reverse…
  • Cities that consume themselves as house prices skyrocket
    That means that paying off a 30-year mortgage on a median-price home would cost a median-income buyer more than half their income and that is…
  • First-time home buyers struggling with mortgages: report
    First-time home buyers are currently having a hard time navigating the mortgage maze, with Queensland having the highest number of stressed…