Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 2, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Record Melbourne auction day no barrier to robust market
    The Melbourne auction market recorded yet another sturdy result for sellers despite hosting a record April day for auction activity.
    High auction numbers were no barrier to the market, with 1263 homes listed to go under the hammer.
    That number was well ahead of last weekends 494, and also higher than the 974 listed over the same weekend last year. This weekends auction offering was the highest recorded for an April Saturday with the previous peak of 1247 reco…
  • The hottest high-rise apartments coming to Queensland
    As the home of the apartment building last year declared the best in Australia,Brisbane is now planning an assault on the title again with a flurry of new projects,ranging from the tallest tower the city has ever seen, to one of its most luxurious….
  • Bikies: New loan sharks in bank con
    BIKIES are using mortgage brokers, real estate agents and front people with no criminal records to obtain millions of dollars in loans from banks using…
  • Credit Union SA launches $5000 grant for first homebuyers
    … the $5000 grant to help South Australians achieve home ownership. … to South Australian home buyers taking out a mortgage of at least $200,000,…
  • Here's where house prices are on the rise and it's not where you might think
    For the three months to January, median house prices were up 1.1 per cent and 2.9 per cent in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, but in other…
  • Rent or buy? Here's the definitive answer
    THE HOME OWNERSHIP DREAM … There are all sorts of hidden costs on top of your home loan interest: repairs, maintenance, property tax,…