Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 13, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Canberra tenants face rent rise as price growth halts in every other city
    Sydney and Melbourne may have recently experienced a property boom, but it is the city in between that has recorded the only rent rise over the September quarter.
    Canberras median weekly asking house rent rose $5 a week in the past three months to $475 a $25 jump over the year, Domain Group data shows.
    Sydney and Melbournes house rents remained steadyat a record $530 and $400 over the quarter.
    Rental growth will be con…
  • First home buyers on what they wish they’d known before they bought
    Saving for a deposit isnt the only Herculean task involved in buying a home for the first time. From untangling red tape to deciphering loan documents, there are plenty of potential hazards to trip up rookie purchasers.
    Domain asked 10 recent first-home buyers what they wish theyd known before they bought.
    Tessa Kelman bought an apartment in the Sydney suburb of Rose Bay. She now knows more about property finance than she ever thought she would.</p…
  • Brisbane to beat Sydney, Melbourne
    BRISBANE house prices are expected to rise at higher rate than Sydney … People overextended paying for mortgage means there is less spending…
  • ASIC's Greg Medcraft disputes bank arguments on loan pricing
    But Medcraft, a banker who specialised in mortgage securities when he … Home loan rates are determined by a number of factors flowing from the…
  • First home buyers are flocking to risky interest-only mortgages
    The problem with interest-only loans is that borrowers do not build equity in their homes until their mortgage contract requires them to start reducing…
  • Property investors call for NSW land tax model change
    “Don’t forget that’s not allowing for mortgage repayments. How can landlords hold rents down with such a lot of tax?” he said. “I am not disputing the…