A Super Simple method to your Budget under Control and get back in the black

This is so simple it’s just wonderful, no laptops, no spreadsheets, no headaches, just a simple no fuss way to get control over your finances. Watch and see how simple this is:

For many people the simple way is the best way to start, if you don’t know where your money is going every month, that’s a big problem. It can be a real headache to sit down at a computer after a long days work and type in amounts from dockets, or worse, from memory, especially when there’s dinner to cook and other duties screaming for attention. If your’e not doing something now to track your expenditure, then the simple yellow pad method may be for you. The trick is, to write down those expenses as it happens, make it a habit, it’s just part of the process, money doesn’t come out of that purse/wallet unless it’s written down. That’s the first step to regaining power over your finances rather than your finances having power over you.

For many people, there can be a little bit of denial when it comes to income vs spending, and a real reluctance to take responsibility for whats really happening. Understandable, but not sustainable. With this simple method, you can start a new habit that will ease you into taking responsibility and, feeling good that you are in the drivers seat of whats coming in and going out.

As the video says, give it try for 30-60 days and see how you go. All you need is a yellow notepad.

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