Do I want a home loan or a mortgage?

The term home loan refers to just that a loan for a home although the word mortgage could relate to a mortgage on a home or a commercial mortgage etc. although mostly interepreted as a reference to a home loan.

But where did the word Mortgage come from?
The word mortgage came from ‘Law French’ which is a language dating back to the middle ages beginning in the era of William the Conqueror and was used in the law courts of England for several centuries. Yep, folks from way back then battled the mortgage monster too!

Whats used more?
We can do one type of comparison via Google Trends which provides a graph of search volume using these terms.

For Australia:
mortgage vs home loan

And in the US:
mortgage vs home loan

Kind of interesting there is such a difference between Australia and the US.

Possibly useless information for most although Google Trends is a bit of fun…