Is Your Conveyancing Fee Too Expensive?

We all know purchasing a new home is already expensive by itself. This excludes the additional cost of legal processing and paperwork required to complete the transaction.

For over 30 years, our team already encountered hundreds of clients asking if their previous conveyancing is too expensive.

Being a trusted Brisbane conveyancing firm is one of our advocacy, which is why we always try to answer with the most accurate information we could provide. But unfortunately, a simple yes or no answer for this type of question is nowhere near precise.

Before being accountable with our opinion, we would first have to be reasonable and consider the grey areas, being the other several factors in assessing if your quote’s value.

By “grey area”, we mean the different factors affecting your conveyancing rate. Such factors could be the additional fees or services included in your conveyancing package.

Remember: the best way to determine if your conveyancing fee is expensive is to ask your direct conveyancer of the services included.

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