holiday coast credit union ltd

Holiday coast credit union ltd
To help our customers achieve their dreams and goals – To make our customers successful.

Our Purpose and Vision statement answers the question “Why are we in business?”

Being a 100% Customer-Owned business, it makes sense that everything we do is because of, and for the benefit of, our customers who are indeed our member owners.

After many years of helping people manage, save, grow and protect their personal finances, we have learnt that for us to be successful in our business, we need at all times to be looking for ways to help our customers become successful in their own right and to achieve their dreams & goals.

This is further emphasised by our focus on it’s about the customer… Always!!!

In delivering on this Purpose & Vision we are adhering to the following responsibility that we as a mutual have for our customers who are our members and our owners:

To meet the needs and expectations of customers and to improve the economic & social well-being of members and their community.
Our vision confirms that our business is not just about selling financial products and services. Our business is also about helping our customers structure their personal finances in a way that eases stress and supports the making of wise and informed financial decisions. Our aim is to help customers live the lifestyle they want now, whilst preparing them for the achievement of their future dreams and goals. By helping our customers better manage their money, it not only helps them personally, but the benefits extend to the broader community through stronger, happier, and wealthier families that are in control of their finances and their financial future.
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