Sutherland Credit Union Ltd

Sutherland Credit Union Ltd
The Shire …Local Banking is a financial co-operative, owned and democratically operated by the people who save and borrow with us. We are totally committed to the financial well-being of our members.The principle of mutuality, one Customer one vote, is a fundamental difference between ourselves and banks. As a Credit Union we have no external shareholders influencing the course of our activities, as we are owned by our members. The Board reflects the will of our membership to ensure that any profits are returned to members via fairer rates and fees and better products and services.

At The Shire …Local Banking we believe that we have a strong affinity with our local community and we aim to operate with cooperation, moral integrity, trust, financial prudence, caring for members and social responsibility. These values are central to our involvement and support for local community activities.

Through initiatives such as our Mutual Value Program (MVP) and Home & Property, we are able to provide unique benefits to both our members and corporate customers that would not be available to them elsewhere.

Australia’s financial regulatory system is considered to be one of the best in the world. Australian credit unions are subject to some of the toughest prudential standards and supervision in the world today and we are regulated by the same government agency that regulates banks.

To join The Shire …Local Banking, download the Membership Application from this website, call into one of our branches, or contact us on 1300 784 388 for more information.
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