WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited

WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
Credit Union’s, like WAW, are owned by the people who borrow, save and invest with them. When you open an account with a credit union you automatically become a part owner of the organisation. This ownership structure is vastly different to that of the banks and other publicly listed financial institutions and companies, which is why our focus isn’t simply on profit and scale but more so about helping members achieve their financial goals.
Through WAW, members are able to access a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. These include home and personal loans, savings and investment accounts, insurance, financial planning and a network of ATMs and service centres to help make banking with WAW as easy as possible. Click here to download a full list of WAW products and services.
WAW Credit Union has been serving North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales since 1956. We were established by local people who wanted fairer access to financial services at reasonable prices. We understand that mutually shared benefits are ones that endure and that, by working together, those benefits are even greater.
But mutuality is not just about being a member. Rather than being a passive “account holder”, as you are often considered by major banks, mutuality with WAW means that you are kept informed about key issues which affect your financial wellbeing and also have the entitlement to have a say in their outcomes.
Unlike banks, we don’t operate to return profits to shareholders. Instead we focus on making decisions that are in the best interest of our members. This means we are able to reinvest profits back through to our members via the most favourable interest rates and the lowest fees possible within our operational guidelines.
But mutuality goes much further than the benefit that being a member delivers. Through our community support program, you are also directly contributing toward locally based initiatives that build important social, educational, environmental and health programs in your region.
Ultimately, we need your support to continue to deliver on our promises and values, which mean we greatly appreciate the opportunity to manage all of our members banking requirements. Please take the time to find out just how competitive we are by spending some time on our website. If you require any further information we would be pleased to help. You can contact your nearest Customer Service Centre or call our Directlink customer service team on 1300 368 555.
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