Making News this week

Financial institutions offering older Australians home loans that will leave them in debt until they’re 105
About 90 per cent of all loans have no age restriction and the 10 per cent that do are restricted to people aged from 65 to 75, new data by comparison website RateCity found.

Banks more cautious on high-risk home loans
Banks have been winding back the number of mortgages with deposits of less than 5 per cent, adding to signs lenders might have become more wary about high-risk loans. Read more at:

Facebook floats live mortgage chats
Future plans for Facebook’s world domination may mean live mortgage chats with home loan advisers, according to the social networking site’s Australian chief executive.

Cheaper mortgages could be on way
The European Central Bank’s decision to push interest rates into negative territory is allowing Australian banks to borrow more cheaply than at any time since the financial crisis and is likely to increase their profits or cut home­owners’ mortgage costs. Read more:

What is a reverse mortgage?
Caroline James at provides an informative overview of reverse mortgages which is a topic often coming up in conversation again.

Property outlook June 2014
New home construction is trending positively across Australia, but some cities are more popular than others when buyers are looking for a place to build a home. In addition, home purchases are surging in metropolitan areas across Australia.

Who’s to blame for house prices
Article from MPA looks into a bubbling topic of foreign investment into Australian Real Estate