Not buying into a Buyer’s Agent?

Buying a property can be a fun, exciting time. It can also be stressful and rife with anxiety and for good reason.

Trawling through the internet to source properties that peak your interest, for some is real estate porn, for others it is time consuming and inevitably disappointing once you’ve seen the unedited properties in the flesh. The proximity to the train line noise, overlooking by the huge development at the rear or the minuscule proportions of the property can leave even the die hard property junkies left wanting.

So why do we continue to waste our precious weekends scrambling from open house to open house when there are professional property buyers we can engage?

The benefits of appointing a reputable Melbourne buyers agent/buyers advocate/property advisor (you say tomato, I say tomato….) are numerous. I must stress the word reputable, if any of the points listed below are not offered, best to re-think your decision to engage them.

One on one discussions to ensure your requirements and expectations for the service are fulfilled
100% independent, qualified and experienced professionals working for you
all property sourcing is conducted to align with your outlined property requirements
access to off market properties not available to the general public
all research and due diligence is conducted by trained professionals
insight into market sentiment and competition levels
professional advice on investment potential including capital growth and rental yield
recommendations on any property improvements that may be required
experienced negotiators working to buy the property at the most competitive price
professional auction bidding techniques to potentially save you thousands!
recommendations for qualified post purchase management of the property
the fee is payable only when the subject property is secured
your buyers agent only gets paid by you, no other parties
All of these elements combine to give you as a buyer, a comprehensive service to allow you to be involved in the process but to reduce the market to a small pool of top quality properties to decide from. You have your weekends back and are safe in the knowledge that one of your largest financial transactions is in the hands of property experts working for YOU and only YOU.

To discuss your property plans, please contact The Property Bureau on +61 3 9018 7870