Outdoor Renovation Tips to Improve your Property

Gavin Taylor, director at Metropole Property Strategists, shares the following tips when considering an outdoor makeover

1. Make sure the building presents well: This may mean re-painting, re-roofing, modernising the spouting and guttering, replacing window frames, or reconfiguring the entrance area – it’s all focused on giving the building an excellent external feel.

2. Provide outdoor entertaining: With our excellent climate, a good outdoor entertaining space is greatly sought after. This could take the form of a deck, or even better a pergola which might have a vine growing over, or a retractable sun-shade. Or perhaps a verandah added on to a family room.

3. Outdoor lighting: In the evening, a garden or an entrance looks wonderful with good lighting. It can emphasise a feature or hide a blemish. Careful lighting can create an ambience of comfort and style which will make the property very desirable. Don’t forget to market the property at a time that shows this off.

4. Car spaces: Off-street car spaces are worth a lot, both in dollars and convenience. And covered off-street parking – a carport or a garage – is right at the top of the pile.

5. Landscaping: Landscaping can add hugely to presentation, usefulness and desirability – but can detract if done badly. Achieve a balance between maintenance, water efficiency and hard and soft surfaces to create a landscape in which the property stands out.

?This article has been republished with permission from Your Investment Property magazine.