Renovating Tips: 5 things you need to do first

Renovating is not for the faint hearted. Things will go ‘wrong’, it will take time and it will be messy. If you don’t like the sound of these things – don’t renovate!

However, if you are super keen and just can’t wait to get started make sure that you have covered the following things before you do anything.

Firstly, take a deep breath… 

Then ask yourself the questions below. Write them down and write your responses down as well – you will need to refer to them during the course of the renovation – perhaps stick them on the fridge door or in some other prominent position. 

1. Why are you doing this renovation?

It is vital that you know the objective of the renovation before you start as this will help you keep on track and make the appropriate decisions once the work has started.

What do I mean by the objective of the renovation you ask? Surely this is so obvious I don’t need to write it down. Well, maybe; however, it has been my experience that many people aren’t really, really crystal clear about why they are doing the renovation in the first place and this leads to frustration and procrastination throughout the process. So before you start, be really clear and document it on paper as to what your objectives for the renovation are. 

2. What do you want it to look like at the end?

Some people are blessed with being able to see the end vision of the renovation before it starts. If this is you, great – just write it down so you don’t lose track of your vision throughout the process.

If you don’t know what you want it to look like at the end, how can you possibly expect your tradespeople to deliver from their end as you need to communicate to them what you want. 

3. How do you want it to feel when it is done?

It’s one thing to know what you want it to look like at the end, quite another to know how you want it to feel. Are you looking for the place to be warm, inviting, cool or invigorating? Again, take some time and write these things down. Work out which things are the most important to you. 

4. What are you going to giveup so you can get the renovation done on time?

Renovations take time and effort.

Perhaps you can get a PA or a housekeeper or nanny for the renovation duration to assist with housework, financial items, children pick ups and drop offs. Whatever it is for you, put things in place before the renovation starts. 

5. What processes do I need to have in place before work starts?

Be really clear about what you want done and how. Work out what is most important to you – getting it done on time, getting it done ‘right’, or looking good at the end. Make sure that you communicate this to the people you employ. You need to have ticked all your boxes before you start.


This article has been republished with permission from Your Investment Property magazine. Try our Loan Repayment Calculator and find the best repayment strategy for you.