Sacrificing two coffees a week can help you save $25k on your mortgage

Do you know how much you can save by paying a little extra off your mortgage each week? Squirrel Mortgages has worked it out for you and guess what? A small increase in your mortgage payments can make a huge difference to how much you ultimately pay for a house.

Just for the price of sacrificing two coffees a week you can save around $25k over the life of your mortgage, you can guess what happens when you cut out 10 coffees. A little sacrifice can help you save lot of money.

To illustrate just how much impact you can have on your mortgage by making these little changes, we’ve created this lovely infographic. It’s a bit like the Shawshank Redemption – just chip away at it, and you’ll eventually be amazed at what you’ve achieved.

Infographic squirrel mortgage