‘She’ll Be Right Mate’ Could Cost You Thousands

Buying a first home has never felt harder and – as just one of life’s many defining moments – it’s clear that people could use a helping hand!

With eight out of 10 Australians not seeking professional financial advice[1] and going with the ‘she’ll be right mate’ mentality to their bank account, the launch of the Association of Financial Advisers’ new consumer website and TV series Your Best Interests this Tuesday, will help Australians stop missing out on financial opportunities that could help better secure their future.

Your Best Interests provides Australians with a new consumer-friendly resource to give them real-life case studies, information from experts and the ability to connect with an adviser.

Association of Financial Advisers’ Chief Executive, Brad Fox said the website and TV series will provide Aussies with much-needed knowledge on how they might be able to improve their financial position.

“Australians typically approach their finances with a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude, and have quite a reactive, last minute approach to facing up to life-changing events such as marriage, children, home ownership, superannuation, retirement, illness and accidents,” said Mr Fox.

“What they miss out on are the opportunities that come from planning ahead, speaking openly with family and friends, and also getting advice early on from a professional.”

Similar to engaging a personal trainer or investing in a healthy meal plan, getting financial advice is an essential lifestyle decision and could prove to be one of the most important things someone does for their own future.

“Australians so often seek counsel from experts who can teach, advise and hold them accountable to their goals, yet can be quite reluctant to seek professional help about their financial health,” said Mr Fox.

“Perhaps surprisingly, what people often find to be one of the best things to come from a better grasp of financial issues is a greater sense of wellbeing and control that benefits every other aspect of how they feel about life.

“Australians really do have the power to improve their future – and in turn – their personal wellness simply by making sound financial decisions earlier in life.”

The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) has a strong commitment to improving the level of financial literacy in Australia and wants to encourage people to think about life defining moments long in advance, get proactive with their finances and consequently reap the benefits.

The Your Best Interests website and TV series allows unprecedented access to the knowledge of around 2,000 financial advisers, which can help Australians from all walks of life realise a wealth of opportunities.

“Our primary concern is to help more Australians get in touch with their personal financial position through improving their understanding of money-related issues. On simple issues this will help people make better decisions than they do today, but we also want to help them recognise the signs that they need help from an expert,” said Mr Fox.

The resources will give Australians insight into how to find the right adviser for them, as well as connect them with an adviser if desired.

Mr Fox encourages people to do their research and make sure they have confidence in the adviser that they see.

“Engaging a financial adviser is a lifestyle decision and shouldn’t be done lightly,” said Mr Fox.

“Financial advisers are people you can turn to. They will be trusted advisers and will be able to help you work through tough times, happy times and indeed any of those life defining moments that make up our day-to-day. It’s more than just a transactional service relationship, they become colleagues who work with you to achieve financial success.”

The Your Best Interests TV series will be airing from 30 June to 26 July Tuesday evenings 8pm, on free-to-air channel 4ME (74), on the Business and Finance section of the 4ME website and through the Your Best Interests website. If you miss out on an episode, tune in on Sundays at 6pm for a second airing.

To learn more about Your Best Interests visit www.yourbestinterests.com.au