Top Reasons Small Businesses Require Working Capital

Cashflow flow assistance
Cash is king. Businesses need enough money to fund normal day-to-day operations. When gaps occur between payables and receivables it can limit a company’s growth.

Purchasing new stock
Are you looking to offer a new product or buy larger amounts of stock so that you can negotiate discounted prices with better terms? Making upfront payments to suppliers generally, will improve business relationships and gives you the advantage to negotiate better terms.

Renovating or expanding your business
You may wish to renovate so that you can increase your workspace, relocate to a bigger site or expand and acquire a new store.

Upgrading equipment
Upgrading equipment can help boost productivity, giving you the ability to automating manual processes, increase employee efficiency and take on more work.

Use marketing to attract new clients to your brand, advertise new products and retain existing clients.

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