Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership April 10, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Nearly one million households are in mortgage stress
    Nearly one million Australian households are estimated to be in mortgage stress, according to Digital Finance Analytics’ Mortgage Stress Update for March 2018. Across the country, more than 956,000 households (30%) are estimated to be suffering from mortgage stress, up from last month’s 924,500.
  • State governments need to better leverage planning power to boost affordable housing, AHURI report
    State governments are failing to boost the supply of affordable housing and need to better leverage their planning powers to help to house key workers, experts say.
    Forcing the development of housing for low to moderate income earners is among the key missed opportunities, according to a report released on Tuesdayby theAustralian Housing and Urban Research Institute.
    While inclusionary zoning, which requires developers to help build affordable housing, is…
  • Sydney, Melbourne house prices to fall another 5pc: AMP Capital
    House prices in Sydney and Melbourne are predicted to fall about another 5 per cent this year, and even further next year, as banks tighten lending standards. Although there is good reason to be concerned, a crash is unlikely in the absence of much higher mortgage rates and dramatically increased…
  • Will the bank royal commission damage house prices?
    Cutting through the various predictions of a slump in house prices, the facts are: yes, house prices in Sydney and Melbourne are still falling but the rate of decline is … Banks don’t see mortgage lending falling off a cliff and they believe the Reserve Bank has strong views about supporting credit growth.
  • Camden council challenges family‚Äôs right to keep cabin on wheels in their backyard
    Parking a caravan in your backyard or driveway is an Australian property right thats as old as Vegemite and almost as common.
    But what if the caravan looks like a small holiday cabin on wheels and gets brought in on a crane?
    Go for your life is the answer from the NSW Land and Environment Court (LEC).
    In a decision that could pave the way for many such mobile structures to pop up across the state, the court has upheld a Sydney family&rsq…
  • Tens of thousands of buyers set to attend property expo
    The Australian Property Expo will host more than 100 exhibitors and offer buyers exclusive deals
  • Are interest rates about to go up?
    The banks wholesale cost of borrowing funds has been steadily risingand this could push them to raise interest rates on home loans