Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership April 15, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Average US rate on 30-year mortgage slips
    Average long-term US mortgage rates have edged down this week to their lowest levels of the year, offering a continued incentive for purchasing…
  • The rules of house auctions around Australia
    What are the rules of property auctions around Australia?
    Agents who auction properties with price guides quickly raise suspicions in Queensland.
    But advertise an auction property without a price guide in Victoria and you can find yourself facing big penalties.
    Australias state borders are not just lines on a map but also legislative roadblocks for its real estate sales industries.
    Rules that apply in one jurisdiction are often abandoned or even reversed in …
  • Climate change inspections may join building inspections as prerequisites for buyers
    Buying a house?OK, youve ordered a building inspection to check the conditionof the house, but what about a climate valuation reportto consider the impact of climate change?
    This could be the new box to tick when buying property, with an Australian company planning to have climate valuation reports available by October.
    Sydney-based company Clim…
  • Property tax 'imbalance' widens gap between young and old, says ME Bank
    The “imbalance” caused by tax rules skewed in favour of property investors is widening … having problems with getting into home ownership, and that’s playing out in a … Its main focus is the $1.3 trillion mortgage market. … other banks would follow Bank of Queensland in raising home loan interest rates…
  • Historic Rivoli cinema in Preston for sale
    For all those with fond memories of back-row kisses in Melbournes old cinemas, here is a property listing that might just break hearts.
    The Rivoli Theatre in Preston is on the market, again, and does not have heritage protection.
    The multimillion-dollar block at 71-75 Gilbert Road goes to public auction on April 21.
    It was last listed for sale in July 2015, asking $5 million, but was withdrawn from the market. The former agents were emphasising the historic site&rs…
  • Bendigo plans to expand in Sydney, Melboure
    In home loan customer satisfaction, for example, Bendigo leads Westpac, … in hiking mortgage rates because it faced less pressure on margins, partly due … upfront payment would need to be topped up as house prices softened.
  • Record price for Australian terrace as Potts Point home sells for $13 million
    The record price for an Australian terrace househas been smashed with the $13 million sale of a four-bedroom, five-bathroom property in Sydneys Potts Point.
    And the huge price almost double the previous $7.3 million record for designer Collette DinnigansPaddington terrace in 2011 is being attributed tothe stunning renovation and the Kings Crossarea becoming more of a family-friendly area due to the lockout laws.
  • Bad news for home owners – the bust may have begun
    Real house prices in Perth currently sit 10 per cent below their peak in the … By comparison, real house prices in Brisbane are lower today than they…
  • Opinions vary on where house price growth will head in 2016
    Nearly a third of Australians believe house prices will rise in 2016, but a significant portion also believe prices could be on their way down
  • Mortgage firm celebrates $1 billion in loans
    A North Sydney-based mortgage business has reached $1 billion in loans