Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership April 23, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • The distinctive Sydney houses in high demand
    Sydney has a potpourri of housing styles, many of which have their band of loyal followers. Real estate is a very, very personal thing, says CEO of the Real Estate Institute of NSW Tim McKibbin.
    But we certainly have a good range to select from!
    Here are some of the citys favourite homes.

    <img alt="360 Moore Park Road, Paddington, is an original Victorian terrace." src="…

  • It's official: Home prices have gone sky high
    The most recent Valuer-General’s figures show house prices rose by 4.71 per cent in the past year the greatest rise since 2010. Experts say the…
  • Pool safety rules in NSW: the Yes Minister solution
    Apartment owners in blocks with swimming pools have been thrown a lifeline. New swimming pool safety regulations, due to come in later this month, remove the proposed ban on selling or letting flats in strata buildings that have no pool safety certificates.
    And, in a bureaucratic side-step worthy of sitcoms like Yes Minister and The Thick of It, houses that dont have a certificate of compliance can now be sold with a certificate of non-compliance.
  • How to make a big Adelaide house seem modest
    The site was a creek with a one-in-100-year propensity to flooding. As asubdivision of a grand Adelaide heritage property in the gracious eastern suburbs, the garden alsohad grand, heritage-listed specimen trees.
    The clients approached Grieve Gillett Andersen at the point they were contemplating purchasing theblock. They wanted a large five-bedroom house with a pool and asked architect Paul Gillett, couldwe make it work?
    Gilletts &ldq…
  • Mortgage refinancing spike the latest threat to bank stocks
    Deloitte’s annual mortgage report released this week showed Australians well ahead on their mortgage repayments, with about two-thirds of…
  • What middle men take from your mortgage
    And for mortgage brokers, add to that a trailing commission of 0.17 per cent, and … Choice did research with mortgage brokers in 2014, and while some … cent, meaning people are less likely to ask about a home loan at a branch,…
  • S&P: Australians are starting to fall behind on their mortgage repayments
    The SPIN is a measure of arrears in Australian residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS)- effectively bonds issued by … of these securities they can be taken as representative of the entire Australian national home loan book.
  • Where to find distressed sellers and bargain properties
    The property market in Sydney has long been a heated topic among families, investors, agents, and even Gen Y-ers themselves.
  • Melbourne and Sydney outperform other markets for luxury property affordability
    Luxury residential property in Sydney is approximately twice as affordable as Monaco, Hong Kong and London, according to Knight Franks latest report
  • Brokers to face client anger over rate rises
    Out-of-cycle rate rises have the potential to cause discontent among mortgage holders, with brokers advised to take a measured approach.
  • How to find the 'right time' to fix a home loan
    It is almost impossible to pinpoint the bottom of the rate market. Yet there are some signs that can give borrowers an indication of the future of mortgage interest rates.
  • Australian mortgage arrears at an 11-year low
    Residential mortgage arrears in Australia have hit its lowest level in 11 years at 0.95 per cent in the December quarter.
  • RBA warns of potential losses in residential property lending
    The Reserve Bank of Australia warned banks that a property investment drop could potentially be detrimental to their property portfolio.