Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership April 6, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • More Aussies are choosing fractional property investment
    Due to the unaffordable prices in Australia’s most expensive housing markets, many aspiring investorsparticularly young peopleare turning to novel forms of property investment, including fractional property investment. Also known as property crowdfunding, fractional property investment allows…
  • Greens leader proposes 'People's Bank'
    This People’s Bank would be focused on the everyday savings and mortgage needs of customers. By offering a no-frills ‘mortgage tracker’ account to homeowners, people paying off their home will be able to borrow up to 60% of the value of the property directly from the RBA, per Di Natale’s speech…
  • Rented space: Inside the shopfront and dwelling of Flos. Botanical Studio
    Vivien Hollingsworth and David Suter rent a combined shopfront and dwelling in Abbotsford.
    This space is the couples home as well as the site of Hollingsworths business, Flos. Botanical Studio. The nature of Hollingsworths work is highly conducive to a shopfront, allowing her to sell directly to the public with the added space to create installations and host workshops.
    Suter is a civil engineer who also manages the…
  • Banks back mortgage brokers
    Australia’s largest banks have mounted a strong defence to the industry’s use of mortgage brokers ahead of likely royal commission findings that bonuses paid to brokers triggered misconduct and fraudulent behaviour in the $1.6 trillion home loan market. The comments were contained in a series of…
  • The Design Files: Lyon Housemuseum is a family home that doubles as an art museum
    Who: Corbett and Yueji Lyon
    Where: Kew, Victoria
    What: A family home that is also a museum of contemporary art
    The Lyon Housemuseum in Kew is no longer Melbournes best-kept secret. This remarkable, yet surprisingly under-the-radar home belongs to one very special family.
    Corbett Lyon is a fourth-generation architect, and co-director of Lyons Architecture. His part…
  • Morgan Stanley takes dim view on house prices
    Morgan Stanley research took a negative view on tightening credit supply, house price expectations, mortgage serviceability and the demand/supply balance. So far there has been little flow through to broader conditions, but risks are building over 2018, analysts led by Daniel K Blake wrote in a…
  • The Greens' plans for cheaper home loans
    The Greens’ leader has announced his intention to give borrowers cheaper home loans
  • Greens leader proposes ‘People’s Bank’
    This bank would help more Aussies enter the housing market by giving them access to affordable home loans
  • More Aussies are choosing fractional property investment
    The strategy is proving popular with millennials whod otherwise be locked out of the property market