Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership April 9, 2019

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Auction predictions reveal investor caution
    While clearance rates are rising, uncertainty still undermining the property market
  • What’s the likely impact of further interest rate cuts on Australian house prices?
    The Reserve Bank is poised to cut official interest rates by years end, and its increasingly likely that well get a second cut within 12 months. Whats less clear are the effects of the cuts on Australias capital city housing markets.
    RBA interest rate cuts have historically pushed property prices up, while interest rate rises either slowed price growth or caused prices to fall.
    In the current climat…
  • How your shopping habits could hurt your chances of securing a mortgage
    Sydney first-home buyer Violeta Ramirez, 33, never thought her shopping habits with buy-now-pay-later apps would come back to haunt her until she and her partner applied for a mortgage.
    When they were doing all the checks, handing over all the documents, the bank came back to me and said, Do you have an Afterpay account?, she said.
    <img alt="First-home buyer Violeta Ramirez was questioned about her Afterpay account whe…
  • Housing downturn turns worse than expected — IMF
    An IMF analyst calls for a boost in infrastructure spending and rate cuts to counter the downturn