Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 10, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Are Melbourne replica period homes worth the investment?
    These Melbourne houses are hot property
    Melbournes love affair with period homes growswith each passing year, but usually onlyfor those properties that have stood the test of time.
    Period home buyers dig deepnot just for thehomebutfor a piece…
  • Neighbours in squabble over squawking: noise nuisance battle in East Gippsland
    Eagle Point in East Gippsland is an idyllic spot; a semi-rural enclave where the Mitchell River flows into Lake King and the picturesque silt jetties are home to native animals and birds.
    But when the sun rises each morning on two adjacent five acre properties, one resident claims that sweet serenity is pierced by a squawking, high-pitched, squealing [and] screeching electronic bird call from next door.
    A bitter fight between two elderly neighbours over a bird scar…
  • Sydney’s northern beaches
    Whether youre looking for a classic beach house, a top-end holiday home or a family property with all thebells and whistles, the northern beaches has the lot. Problem is, theres not too many properties hittingthe market right now….
  • Bendigo boss defends Homesafe from critics
    While this has been extremely profitable in a period of rapidly rising house prices in Sydney and Melbourne, in the event of a fall in house prices or…
  • End of a golden era for banks
    Most Australians are already depositors, mortgage holders and of course shareholders in the big banks either directly or through their super. For a…
  • Subdued Outlook Persists For Bendigo & Adelaide
    A 25% risk weight on the mortgage book may prove optimistic in Deutsche Bank’s view, but 50c per share is incorporated into its valuation in terms of…
  • Melton West house prices set to soar
    Melton West house prices will soar, despite the suburb’s reputation as Victoria’s most … He expects house prices to continue rising as demand builds.
  • Variable home loan rate cuts continue
    MyState and AMP are the latest non-major lenders to cut variable home loan interest rates
  • Major bank to increase mortgage risk weights
    ANZ will increase its mortgage risk weights after the banking regulator, APRA, affirmed its intention to lift Australian residential mortgage risk weights