Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 11, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Why South Korea’s property tax bombshell would backfire in Australia
    Soaring property prices, feverish investor speculation, skyrocketinghousehold debt and an increasingly risky banking sector.
    Bet you think were talking about Australia, right? In fact, this is happening in South Korea right now.
    The big difference is their new government is making bold policy moves to address these issues and that…
  • Brisbane buyers are turning to townhouses instead of apartments: survey
    In Brisbanes floundering apartment market, research suggests buyers in the river city are turning toward a different type of attached dwelling: townhouses.
    A recent Place Advisory survey found more buyers in its database wanted to buy townhouses, turning away from apartments.
    Of those who responded, 24 per cent said they wanted to buy a townhouse, 21 per cent wanted to buy an apartment and the rest were chasing houses.
    Lachlan Walker, head of research at Plac…
  • Look for ‘ugly ducklings’: Experts reveal their advice on how to renovate for profit
    The concept of renovating for profithas reached new levels of mainstream appeal in recent years, with many Melbourne buyers adopting this practice as an investment strategy.
    The rise in its popularity can be largely attributed to reality television programs where contestants achieve massive returns on renovations completed in as little as 10 weeks (with the convenient assistance of a construction crew, unique product and production budget).
    Outside of televis…
  • Citi blacklists 87 suburbs across Australia
    Moving forward, apartment buyers in these suburbs will face more stringent hurdles to getting a mortgage