Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 13, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Get your personal finances in order before you start a business
    The former deputy principal has got it all going on: husband; two children, aged 7 and 4; the mortgage; and now a five-month-old business. Inspiration…
  • Melbourne newlyweds’ dreams crushed by apartment developer’s sunset clause
    Day one of their Italian honeymoon and Edward Roberts and Jade Walkerreceived the email that would crush their long-held dreams of moving into their first home.
    From a hotel in Rome, theylearned that their developer was tearing upthe contract for their off-the-plan apartment in Croydon.
    We were stunned and we were shattered because for two years, wed been hanging on to moving into our first home, Mr Roberts said.
    The letter, se…
  • Revealed: Sydney's smashed avocado index
    Their data suggests the price and availability of avocado meals peaks where house prices and incomes are high compared to most parts of the city.
  • Michael Hurley's former home sells for $4.22 million
    There was a discharge of its original $270,000 Citibank mortgage that came with the recent title dealing. It had been the business address for his…
  • An illusion smashed: the avocado's been framed
    His tongue-in-cheek musings on the follies of the young hit a nerve in this time of stratospheric house prices. Much discussion followed, with pro- and…
  • One in 10 abandoned pets dumped because owners can’t find a pet-friendly rental
    Many desperate renters in Sydney are forced to abandon their beloved pets because they cannot find an animal-friendly place to live.
    More than one in 10 pets surrendered to a Sydney animalshelter last financial yearwere given up because their owners couldnt find a rental property that would accept their pet.
    People are devastated,saidKarenDavies, chief operating officer of Animal Welfare League NSW (AWLNSW).They don…
  • Auction watch: Canberra clearance rate tops 90 per cent
    Competitive bidding between two eager parties ensured the short, sharp sale of a four-bedroom house in Holder.
    The Weston Creek sale was among 51ACT properties scheduled for auction on Saturday and contributed to a staggering Canberra-wide clearance rate of 91per cent, according to Domain Group data.
    More than…
  • First home buyer numbers surge in Canberra: Andrew Wilson
    Canberra first home buyers have surged into the market in strong numbers duringJune, keeping the great Australian dream of home ownership alive despite the recent sharp increase in house prices.
    The Bureau of Statistics reported that 229 loans were approved for first home buyers in the ACT over June, an increase of 22.5 per cent over the previous month.
    The June total was the highest monthly result recorded by the ACT since October 2009 during the then global financial cri…