Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 17, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Exclusive: CoreLogic responds to the RBA on house prices
    The latest housing finance data releases from the ABS also indicates some increasing mortgage demand with the value of lending increasing by 1.8%…
  • Altona: a relatively isolated pocket of Melbourne you don’t need to leave
    Sarah Langhorne is probably gazing out of Altona Homestead in complete bemusement. Instead of standing at the bay windows, pining for her hometown of Adelaide, as history tells us she once did, shes now probably watching hordes of Pokemon hunters, who, under the shade of an ancient Moreton Bay Fig, are looking…
  • Around the fireplace
    You may have the latest and greatest on offer in home heating heated floors, ducted air-conditioning orhydronic heating but its hard to engage buyers emotionally with heat they cant see. Agents agree there isnothing quite like the warm glow of a fireplace to make a positive impact, especially in the middle of winter….
  • Property prices down but not a slump
    A report by the Housing Industry Association shows house prices rose 6.1 per cent nationwide over the past year, but the rise was below the 10.1 per…
  • Would you buy your childhood home?
    Twenty five years after Dee Nolan left her childhood home on South Australias Limestone Coast to become a journalist in Melbourne, she found herself back where her life had started.
    Nolan, an author and journalist, pursued an international career overseas before returning to Australia. I hadnt forgotten about Gum Park, she says about the farm built by her grandfather in 1909.
    After I met my husband in England we would come home to Naracoo…
  • Home loan customers admit they are struggling each month
    HOME loan customers are under mortgage stress and many say they are struggling to meet their monthly repayments despite interest rates remaining…
  • As pet owners suffer rental insecurity, perhaps landlords should think again
    Rental policy rarely recognises pets as important members of households. Instead, landlords and property agents typically restrict the right to keep pets
  • No housing bubble, says Aussie John
    Australias apartment sector may soon hit a bumpy period, but the wider property market is not at any real risk of a widespread housing bubble, according to one of the mortgage industrys biggest names