Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 2, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • An apartment on Flinders Street with a window to Melbourne
    When hoi polloi scramble across Flinders Street during the evening rush, few would ever bother to look up.
    This famous city block is a thoroughfare for thousands of workers, but for a hidden few like artist Hannah Townley this iconic patch of postcode 3000 is home.
    Ms Townleys windowsill overlooks Flinders Street Station, but rarely do the masses notice her observing their homeward march.
    Sometimes it feels like people dont look up tha…
  • Macquarie warns of risks of banks chasing mortgage loans
    Banks aggressively chasing loans are putting future profitability at risk as margins are crunched by falling official interest rates that are failing to inspire…
  • Banks withhold rate cuts to its customers as RBA meets to discuss further interest cut
    The entire home loan market has also been left short after the May drop … Mortgage broking firm’s managing director Otto…
  • Bank moves 'won't spur' house market
    Australian house prices are growing at the slowest rate in nearly three years … whether the banks would pass on the reduction to mortgage customers.
  • Family swap East London flat for fairytale chateau in France
    Its not just Sydneysidersfed up with pricey housing. Londoners have lived with exorbitantproperty prices for years.
    But every so often, some of them choose to throw in the towel and start over somewhere new.
    For Dick and Angela Strawbridge, new is a 162-year-old French chateau in the Loire Valleyin the west of France. But the most remarkable thing about their move is how they funded the purchase with the sale of their small East London flat…
  • Former mortgage broker banned by ASIC
    ASIC has permanently banned Emma Feduniw, also known as Emma Khalil, of Brisbane, from the credit and financial services industries
  • FHBs trust mortgage brokers the most: survey
    Mortgage brokers are overwhelmingly the most trusted professional by first home buyers, a new national survey has revealed
  • Relying on technology presents 'serious danger' for buyers
    A major real estate body has warned buyers are in danger of making potentially disastrous decisions if they rely solely on apps and other digital platforms for property market information
  • Former Aussie broker permanently banned from industry
    A former Aussie mortgage broker has been banned from the credit and financial services industries following her conviction of home loan fraud