Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 30, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • We're in a new housing bubble: Why it's less scary this time
    Too many homes were built, and too many people were willing to pay top dollar for them with the help of faulty mortgage products. When the bubble…
  • French Island: Living off the grid just out of the city
    Retired Melbourne couple Ken and Helen Brown havent paid house bills or rates in more than a yearthanks to a seachange to a farmthats only about60 kilometres outof the city.
    The pair have been living off-the-grid,and off the mainland, on their alpaca and cattle farm onFrench Island, just a 15-minuteferry ride from the Mornington Peninsula.
    The island, whichis home to about 116 permanent residents and another 100 part-…
  • Slum warning: more than one million Australians live in poor to derelict housing
    More than one million Australians live in properties which are dangerously close to being slum housing, researchers reveal.
    Another 100,000 people occupy houses defined as being in very poor condition or derelict, according to the study.
    The problem was larger than academics from the University of Adelaide anticipated.
    Almost one in five renters (19 per cent) live in dwellings classed as poor quality to derelict, compared to three per cent of homeowners…
  • What’s the etiquette when you have tradies working in your house?
    Ive just had a light renovation done at home, so my advice on this question is based on very recent experience.
    If you dont fancy muddy footprints through your floors on a daily basis, start with a polite request for shoe removal from the outset, and your tradies should keep it up throughout the project.
    You mightnt have to ask every builder or subcontractor always removed their boots before coming inside my house but having it respecte…
  • House prices rise ahead of selling season
    House prices rise ahead of selling season … and a reasonably steady rate of mortgage demand,” CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless said.
  • Sydney property market shines just in time for spring
    After the RBA slashed the cash rate to a record low of 1.50%, some home loan lenders cut the interest rates on their products generously, while others…
  • You’ve got to haggle for best home loan deals
    Mortgage holders in Australia are being far too complacent when it comes to approaching their lender for a cheaper home loan, new research shows
  • AFG reports growth of 48%
    ASX-listed mortgage aggregator AFG has reported growth of 48% in FY2016, underpinned by strong uptake in commercial lending
  • One in ten mortgage holders at 'extreme' risk
    Almost one in five mortgage holders are at mortgage risk, and more than one in 10 mortgage holders are classified to be at extreme mortgage risk