Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership August 9, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Why I’m slightly terrified but have decided to moonlight as a property manager
    Obviously, when a pilot makes an abruptly bumpy landing, I dont offer to have a go or suggest I could do better. Nor am I foolish enough to attempt to cut my own hair, even if my barber insists on making me look like Justin Bieber.
    So its hard to explain why, after many years of using professional letting agents, I decided Id be better at the job of property management than they are.
    Yes, Id been slightly singed before, when a CBD apartment we owned w…
  • Get architectural: Unique Brisbane townhomes for every price range
    Theyre compact, well located and low-maintenance, but townhomes dont have to put function before form.
    Theres also no reason not feel like youre living in your own unique architectural space when you buy into a townhouse development.
    These five properties offer the ease and comfort of a move-in ready townhome but with a special aesthetic twist, whether its sky-high glass or semi-industrial facades.
    And the best part? Theyre right …
  • Experts weigh in on RBA's cash rate decision
    The central bank has left the cash rate untouched for two years
  • Why property still remains a great investment choice
    The inevitable stabilising of house prices has arrived, with significant value … A Mortgage House Lending Specialist, for example, can help you … Split home loan: Allows you to control the fixed and variable portions of your … loan: Useful as an investment strategy or for entering into home ownership.
  • Real estate platform adds home loan offering
    We white labelled the Choice mortgage aggregation platform so users can embrace the home loan process, too. What we like about mortgage…