Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 13, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Catches to fixed rate home loans
    The thing is, there’s more to your home loan than the rate you pay, and when it comes to features, fixed-rate mortgages typically don’t have the same…
  • Can’t afford a house? Rubbish, says this Melbourne man, who built one from … rubbish
    Its the great Australian dream to own your own home.
    But the reality is that its a dream increasingly far beyond the reach ofmany people.
    Julian Morgans is one of those. So, taking matters into his own hands, the online editor for Vice magazine built his own house on Melbournes fringe and the results are, well, a litt…
  • Own an architecturally important home? Good luck selling it
    In the late 1960s, the architect Luis Barragn was commissioned to create an equestrian compound in Mexico City with stables, a four-bedroom main house, riding paddocksand a shallow pool for horses to refresh themselves.
    It was in the latter part of Barragns celebrated career (he later won a coveted Pritzker Prize), and the property, called Cuadra San Cristbal, was adjacent to the exclusive equestrian French Club.
    The club is no longer, but th…
  • Things you should never say in front of your real estate agent
    Theres a time and a place for conversations about your turgid love life and your marital frustrations. In front of a real estate agent at an open for inspection is definitely not one of them.
    Nor is it a time to talk about the virtues of thick walls or where youll fit the stripper pole.
    Real estate agents hear it all, but beyond the gory personal details, theres a slew of things they say arent helping you in your quest to buy a home.
    For starte…
  • Runaway house prices welcome New Zealand's new PM Bill English to office
    Prime Minister Bill English applauds deputy Paula Bennett during a swearing-in ceremony at Government House. Hagen Hopkins. Share on twitter…
  • The Christmas rate hike rampage
    A WAVE of home loan lenders are slugging customers just weeks before … putting extra financial pressure on households paying off mortgage debt.
  • “Big shakeouts” expected for Australian property
    One of Australias leading economists has warned of turmoil in our highly priced national financial markets