Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 13, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Real estate not all about population growth
    A property analyst has called it a fools errand to pick hotspots based on population
  • ACT government launches an online platform for renters to access interest-free bonds
    The ACT government has launched an online platform to help tenants access rental bond loans more easily.
    ACT Minister for Housing and Suburban Development Yvette Berry announced the Rental Bond Help online platform on Wednesday.
    Individuals earning up to $94,000 a year and couples with a joint income of $125,000 a year are eligible if they dont have access to savings to pay their rent bond.
    The loan is interest-free fo…
  • Five stately homes with so many bedrooms you’ll want them for the festive season
    Anyone with a large family, a great group of friends or even a few work colleagues they particularly like, will know the challenges of catering for a big, festive gathering.
    Not only do you have to squeeze those fly-in-fly-outers around the Christmas table, its a challenge to fit them into your home for an overnight stay without becoming a master of Tetris.
    If you have a larger brood youre looking to make comfortable (and a few mill…
  • Upside-down living: The trend turning traditional interior design on its head
    A trend towards upside-down houses is turning traditional interior design on its head.
    Its common in architectural design for bedrooms to be placed upstairs and living areas to be allocated to the downstairs floor. In upside-down homes, bedrooms are installed on the ground floor, while the heart of the home the kitchen and living areas are elevated to the top storey.
    Also called reverse living or inverted living, t…
  • Sydney and Melbourne house prices are headed for the largest downturn in modern history
    “We estimate that house prices in Sydney will eventually decline by 20% from their peak and by 17% in Melbourne,” … While many point to the impact of tighter mortgage lending standards as the chief factor behind recent price falls,…
  • Spike in home loan approvals despite downturn
    The latest Housing Finance data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed that in seasonally adjusted terms, home loan approvals…
  • Low-deposit loans hit record low
    While house prices are dropping nationally, this is a big stumbling block for … Plus it means you won’t have to fork out for costly lenders’ mortgage…
  • NAB folds on housing bust, rate hikes
    Falling house prices suggest a bigger impact on housing construction than previously incorporated and additional concerns about the consumer,…