Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 14, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Some people spend as much on insulin as their mortgage — and drugmakers are taking note
    hormone that helps people absorb and process the sugar in food are a necessary part of daily life. And for many, that’s becoming a financial hazard.
  • A guide to surviving even the most obnoxious Christmas parties
    You go round to a friends house. Theyve invited you over for Christmas Drinks, or as its also known Hey, Why Dont You Pop Round For A Drink, And Bring A Bottle Of Bubbly, Ideally The Expensive Stuff That Can Legally Be Called Champagne According To International Trademark Agreements Drinks.You walk into their house and hand them some cheap bubbly you brought from home the kind that cannot legally be called Champagne because it&rsquo…
  • Point Piper’s brawling millionaires sell to car wash king Anthony Sahade
    Point Pipers brawling multimillionaires look set to end a decade of disputes, assault allegations and AVOs in time for Christmas after car wash king Anthony Sahade bought out his neighbours.
    No doubt welcoming the financial rather than peaceful end to the bitter wrangling with Sahade are neighbours Carina Gilster and Eckhart and Celia Bischoff, all of whom have shared the strata-title block on Wolseley Road since 2006.
    Records are yet to reveal the co…
  • CBA adds to property investors' debt pain
    Higher interest rates have been locked in for most property investors after … CBA lifted variable investment home loan rates by seven basis points to 5.56 per cent, … To repair the profitability of mortgage books to reflect funding cost…
  • Super vs mortgage: a handy way to choose
    Miles Larby, head of financial literacy at ASIC, said his team created the tool because the choice between home ownership and superannuation…
  • Why treasurers are getting jumpy about house prices
    That’s because in recent years, house prices growth has been strong … rates are rising and will inevitably feed through to mortgage rates in Australia.
  • Meet the Brisbane millennial living rent-free to save for a home loan
    Chasleigh Osland is saving for a mortgage deposit and not paying a cent in rent, but shes not living with her parents. Chase has taken up full-time house sitting for strangers instead.
    She has been at it since September and hopes by this time next year shell be in her own home. The 28-year-old spent most of her savings while travelling over the past six years and after arriving back in Brisbane, she decided it was time to settle down.
    Now that Im read…