Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 18, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Sharp rise in lease variation development approvals in Canberra
    The ACT government approved 82 more development applications for lease variations in the past financial year than in the 12 months prior, an annual report showed.
    But lease checks rose relatively slower during the same period, from 1361 to 1433.
    The Environment and Planning Directorate approved 243 development applications containing lease variations in the 2015-16 financial year, compared to just 161 in the year prior.
    Approval figures were at their highest since the int…
  • Housing market flexing its muscle
    The year has been marked by a series of surprises with polls predicting the opposite outcome of Brexit and the US election. Our property market has had its share of surprises, too. Here are my picks for the year.
    The rise of Queanbeyan
    Queanbeyan is the No. 1 suburb to rent pushing Kingston into second place. This is based on properties leased duringthe first 11months of the year. A total of 675 tenants moved to Queanbeyan while639 moved to Kingston.<…
  • $40,000 a week: Palm Beach lures in big spenders over Christmas holidays
    The low Aussie dollar is making the high-end rental market at Palm Beach and Whale Beach more competitive than its been in recent years as more locals look to holiday at home.
    Leading the demand for a glamorous holiday home are big spenders from Sydney, overseas and returning expats, with three top properties leased out for $40,000 a week over the break.
    In previous years the main demand has been for those homes in the $5000 to $15,000 range, but this year has seen…
  • US housing starts tumble
    The housing market remains on solid ground even as mortgage rates have jumped to more than two-year highs following the election of Donald…
  • Spring house prices surge – Sydney and Melbourne still booming
    All capitals reported increases in house prices over the spring quarter with the exception of the subdued Perth market where prices fell by 0.5 percent…
  • Trinity Beach is Cairns' best performer in terms of house prices
    INCREASING sales of high-value, premium properties at Trinity Beach have pushed the suburb’s median value up an incredible 34.5 per cent over the…