Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 2, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • How to make windows work with an energy-efficient house
    Ever since Mies van der Rohe designed the glass box Farnsworth in Illinois in 1951, architects have been prescribing ever-larger expanses of glass for domestic buildings.
    Charles Wright, of Palaestra Architects, says architects exploited the new technology to create a whole new kind of architecture.
    Openings in buildings used to be quite small, that was what the construction technology could achieve, says Wright. Then Le Corbusier gave us plan …
  • Looking to sell your renovated home? Read this first
    When selling your home, there are crucial steps and factors that can contribute to a successful outcome. Luck is sometimes part of an extraordinary result, but tried-and-true strategies are a much safer bet.
    Preparing your home
    It goes without sayingthat step one is to carefully prepare your property for the sale and this might consist of a full overhaul or just some minor improvements. If youre making improvements to your home for the sole …
  • Welcome to the future: designers embracing 3-D printed furniture
    Like those machines onStar Trekthat materialiseTea, Earl Grey, hot forJean-Luc Picard 3-D printing has a distinctly sci-fi feel.
    While the technology has been in usefor well over a decade,actually producing solid, three-dimensional objects without tools or moulds isnt part of our everyday lives. Hence, the fantasy element.
    The creative potential of 3-D printing was embraced early-on by the most avant-…
  • Gap in home loan rates continues to widen
    There is a concerning gap that has emerged between the nation’s most expensive and most affordable residential mortgage rates of nearly 240 basis…
  • Non-major makes broker channel comeback
    Non-major bank HSBC has announced it is returning to the broker channel in April 2017, ten years after exiting the third party mortgage distribution…
  • One in four millennials stressed over potential rate rise
    25% of Australian millennials are concerned they wont be able to service their mortgages if interest rates increase by 1.5%
  • Gap in home loan rates continues to widen
    Nearly 240 basis points separates the countrys most affordable and most expensive fixed rate home loans
  • Warning to property investors: you're trapped in a bubble
    You wouldn’t normally expect us to talk about property, but we’ve got some very strong views, and I want to outline our thesis. Many of you will have…