Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 21, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Year in Review: House prices accelerate as lending rules remain tight
    Year in Review: House prices accelerate as lending rules remain tight … interest-only borrowers are having to pay higher mortgage rates,” he said.
  • Property site to feature brokers
    The service hopes to make the journey easier from finding a property to buying it
  • 12 trends of Christmas: Broker market share
    The aggregate value of brokers’ home loan portfolios returned mild growth of 1%, affected by the slight contraction in new business settled, to exceed…
  • How to compost kitchen scraps if you rent or live in an apartment
    Composting is a smart way to dispose of kitchen waste while creating nutrient-rich matter to feed plants organically.
    But if you rent your home, live in a small apartment, or youre short on space, a traditional compost heap or bin might not be an option.
    Fortunately, there is a small-scale alternative.Natures waste recyclers composting worms can be harnessed to keep organic waste out of landfill, re…
  • How to buy a home if you’re a freelancer, self-employed or part of the gig economy
    For many freelancers especially those in the creative industries, for whom work is contract by contract, seasonal and short-term buying a home can feel like an impossibility.
    According to Independent Contractors Australia, more than 17 per cent of the Australian workforce about 2 million people are self-employed.
    Alice Clark, Director of Oomf Creative Agency, works with freelancers every day.
    I think the biggest financial concern for…
  • Eight good habits first-home buyers need to learn to get into the market in 2019
    The flip side of our often excessive new years celebrations is the making of new years resolutions. And for many people keen to get a foot on the property ladder, making 2019 the year to get serious about saving for a deposit on their first home is a worthy pledge.
    So how can you improve your saving and spending habits to turn the property dream into reality?

    Read more:The ul…