Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 3, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • NSW government launches new investigation into ‘sunset clawbacks’



  • YIMBY: The pro-development movement that’s made its way to Melbourne
    Its the great Australian dream a home of your own with a big backyard. So when high-rise apartment buildings go up in those backyards, people start to get a bit, well, defensive.
    Protests and letters to council all with one familiar catch-cry; not in my backyard or, as its become known, NIMBY.
    Buta new movementis countering the NIMBYs calls to keepdevelopers out, and its one thats said to help…
  • There's something seriously rotten at the core of Australian banking
    The banks have had a virtual government guarantee since the GFC and they operate in a market where the culture insists that home ownership is something almost everyone can aspire to. … Even the Reserve Bank thinks this over-reliance on mortgage lending is dangerous for the whole economy.
  • Brighton beach box sells for record price ahead of auction
    A Brighton beach box has sold for a record price, fetching more than $330,000 ahead of its scheduled auction.
    The humble timber shack along the Dendy Street foreshore had been dueto sell under the hammer on Saturday afternoon but wet and wild weather conditions across Victoria looked set to put a dampener on the occasion.
    Marshall White listing agent <a href="http…
  • Barefoot Investor: Money in marriage is a team sport
    A HUSBAND is working overtime to increase a couple’s ‘fun money’ but his wife wants to pay off their home loan. Barefoot … If your mortgage is eating up more than, say, 40 per cent of your income, I’d definitely side with her it’s time to put in the overtime and pay that sucker down. But if it’s under…