Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership December 6, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Melbourne property: what buyers can get for $1 million
    The seven-figure benchmark has long been thestandard barometerfor Melbourne real estate. After all, $1 million dollars was alwaysseen and still is seen by most asa lot of money.
    But as property prices keepinflating, the $1 million price tagcontinues topopup on properties and in suburbs that wouldleave many Melburnians aghast.
    The citys median now sits just below $800,000 and property pundits say&n…
  • Aussie borrowers left in rates limbo
    Up until yesterday, variable home loan interest rates had continued to fall … Because of this I believe that we will see a steady increase in mortgage…
  • Home loan borrowers left in limbo on whether to fix their mortgage
    NATIONAL Australia Bank and Westpac have raised interest rates on some variable mortgages leaving borrowers in a spin on whether to lock in.
  • Westpac, NAB play the Trump card and raise rates for property investors
    WESTPAC and National Australia Bank have hit property investors with … The lenders yesterday announced they were lifting rates on a suite of home loan products, … On Friday, the CBA hiked rates on fixed-term mortgage products.
  • NAB and Westpac move on mortgage rates
    The majors have all cited increased funding costs as a major driver for lifting home loan rates despite the Reserve bank’s cash rate sitting at an all-time…
  • Major bank hikes mortgage rates
    The major bank has increased rates on fixed term owner occupied and investment loans by up to 65 basis points