Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 10, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • What you don’t know about property auctions, and probably should
    After scrolling through hundreds of property listings and finding that dream home, you feel slightly uneasy because its going to auction.
    The auction process can be daunting especially the first time because its not enough just to know your budget and the ins and outs of the contract.
    Buyers have to trudge through a minefield of jargon and rules, and battle psychological strategies from their competition.
    Here are some common phrase…
  • Write an essay to win a lake-side lodge in New York
    The owners of alake-side lodge in Bethel, New York, have taken an unorthodox approach to selling for theirhome: find new owners through an essay contest.
    After failingto sell the house through the traditional manner, Andrew Bares and Kelly Lavorgna, decided to give the public the opportunity to buytheir home for nothing more thana 200-word essay and a $US149 ($A195) competition entry fee.
    The lucky winner of the&nbs…
  • Chinese mortgages tighten fast
    Credit growth was strong as well, but mortgage lending made up a large amount of credit growth, more than 100 percent in July. Fast forward to today.
  • Sydney real estate: High property prices sees city loses most vital residents
    Teacher Maddie Gale says house prices are just too expensive in Sydney. … not just an apartment but can’t afford a $1 million mortgage, she said.
  • 'Speeding' housing investors are pushing families too far
    One independent mortgage broker told The New Daily that the speed limit is a … AFG, for instance, offers what the broker calls a white label home loan … From that perspective, the appropriate headline is not ‘House prices boom in…
  • Major bank home loan manager jailed for fraud
    The former banker has been sentenced to jail in a Queensland court after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud
  • Broker slams “horrendous” aggregator PD days
    The mortgage veteran has criticised some PD days for showcasing nothing except bankers prattling on about their products