Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 11, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Thousands of Victorians evicted into homelessness amid competitive rental market
    Chief executive Jenny Smith said higher rents flowed on from higher house prices, impacting people on low incomes. … is then reducing the number of properties available to people on low incomes, because people on middle incomes are renting them to save money to get into the mortgage market..
  • Thousands of Victorians evicted into homelessness amid competitive rental market
    The number of Victorians evicted from their homes and seeking help from homelessness services has more than doubled in five years, during which time stamp duty collected by the state government almost doubled to $6 billion. …
  • Demand grows for refurbished buses as Sydneysiders choose the van-life over houses
    Its the new Australian dream buy a bus or a van, strip it out, fit it with all mod cons and then live in it rent-free until youve saved enough to buy a house.
    There are no issues with location, location, location, either. When youre sick of a particular view, you just drive on to the next.
    There are so many of us doing that these days with Sydney property prices so crazy, Donovan Bassett says. We arent hippy bums singing <…
  • No uphill battle: The benefits of buying a house on an elevated block
    Ive owned four properties in NSW and Victoria and theyve all had one factor in common each has been positioned high on a hill.
    Why favour elevated land?
    For one thing, a hillside location is almost always flood-free. Across the world, storms and floods account for about three-quarters of weather-related disasters, and in the era of climate change theyre becoming more common. According to insurance group Munich Re, an expert on global and local risk s…
  • Barefoot Investor warns Australians of upcoming interest rate rises
    It’s so bad they can’t even afford a latte because all of their money goes into their mortgage,” Mr Pape said. We have got four banks they enjoy flogging debt and real estate agents that like selling real estate and our whole economy is built on people buying s*** they don’t need to impress people they…
  • Cost of living in 2018 compared to 1988
    House prices have grown much faster than incomes since 1988, so young people are definitely right to complain about housing affordability. We can’t expect interest rates to remain this low for ever and home buyers should consider whether they could afford mortgage repayments at higher interest…
  • Community spirit sells prestige precincts in Brisbane auctions
    The whole street came out to watch an old two-bedroom cottage in Yeronga go under the hammer on Saturday.
    And as it turned out the neighbourhoods community spirit helped to sell6 Orvieto Street.
    The former owner of thecottage recentlypassed away, after having lived on the 534-square-metre property since the house was built shortly after World War II.
  • Commonwealth Bank reigns in home loan lending
    New data from the Commonwealth Bank indicating reduced growth in the institution’s home loan portfolio could be viewed as a positive for Tasmania, … A dip in Sydney house prices is believed to have played a part in the trend, dropping 3.1 per cent from their peak, after rising 75 per cent between…