Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 18, 2020

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Five simple yet effective ways to cut the cost of your renovation
    Theres nothing quite like a renovation to transform a home, but it can also be a sure-fire way to drain your bank account.
    Before you take out that second mortgage, consider if your home and wallet will benefit from a straightforward update rather than a full-scale renovation.
    A half-finished renovation due to lack of funds is never ideal but with some planning and effective strategies in place, your renovation will be complete minus the headache.<…
  • Thousands of Australians face financial strain as interest-only period comes to an end
    People needed to be realistic about paying off their mortgage, she said. … Those heading towards retirement with an interest-only mortgage needed to … allowed buyers to qualify for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, he said.
  • Bridgeman Downs: Leafy acreage suburb for mansions, or new investor hotspot?
    When most Brisbanites think of Bridgeman Downs, an image forms in their head: expansive green estates, long driveways and huge mansions. But the shape of the northern suburb has been slowly changing in recent years, and so has the demographic of people buying there….
  • YouTube sensation James Charles buys first house – a $10.4 million LA mansion
    It would seem social media influencer life does pay off if youre James Charles.
    TheAmerican internet personality andbeauty guru, who has 16.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 16 million followers on Instagram, has just bought his first property at the tender age of 20.
    According to Dirt, he has spent $US7 million …
  • Thousands of Australians face financial strain as interest-only period comes to an end
    Thousands of home buyers could be forced to sell their home as they find themselves under financial strain when the interest-only period of their mortgages comes to an end.
    Interest-only loans are usually offered for five years by Australian lenders, meaning those who borrowed in the 2015-16 calendar year will now have to pay the principal (the actual loan amount) plus interest when the change kicks in over the next year.
    Around 730,000 inte…
  • Prestige housing markets are the most sensitive to interest rate changes: RBA
    New research has shown house prices in high-income suburbs are the … The research paper found areas with higher levels of mortgage debt and a … When it comes to the number of property investors living in a suburb, the … this vulnerability by helping people pay off the principal on their home loan.
  • Rate-cut price response sees the rich get richer
    They found areas with higher house prices tended to be more sensitive to changes in monetary policy than those with cheaper ones. … Also, areas with more mortgage debt, higher incomes and more housing investors also have…