Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 26, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Melbourne’s entry-level properties win the day as trophy home buyer pool shrinks
    Entry-level properties in the inner-city and affordable homes in Melbournes outer suburbs were well contested at weekend auctions and many attracted price premiums….
  • Sydney posts 70 per cent auction clearance rate off large volume of sales
    Higher-priced properties in some pockets of Sydney sold for strong prices at the weekend as the city posted a better-than-expected auction clearance rate off a big volume of sales….
  • IMF's warning on Australian housing market
    Negative shocks could trigger negative feedback loops between house prices, household and bank balance sheets, and aggregate demand and … The RBA, by contrast, has become relaxed about mortgage debt levels believing there is no evidence that households are having trouble servicing them.
  • pushes ahead with home loans
    In a time when the banking regulator is making it more difficult for borrowers to get a home loan, homebuyers need good advice. … The group has launched a partnership with NAB and users have access to NAB home loans, a white-label product and mortgage brokers offering a choice of loans.
  • Your guide to the biggest loyalty tricks and traps
    The most valuable thing you can ever give to a business is your loyalty. Problem is, being a loyal customer is pretty much always a mugs game.
    Research shows it costs a business around five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one, but that fact is almost never reflected in loyalty program benefits.
    Businesses very often neglect loyal customers, they leave them on high price points, or old packages, director of the Centre for Workplace Leadershi…