Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 6, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Small things you can do to improve your home’s appeal
    Ever walked into a house and felt that the energy just wasnt quite right? Sometimes the reasons for a homes bad vibes are obvious, such as peeling paint and dingy furniture, other timesthey might be due to something slightly more intangible.
    Liz Higgins, owner of Feng Shui Living, is a Sydney-based feng shui expert and real estate agent who swears by the ancient Chinese system for organising ones surroundings.
    Feng shui is the rela…
  • Westpac rolls out new application requirements for Gen-Xers
    Bank officials and mortgage brokers, who act as intermediaries between homebuyers and the bank, have … Get help choosing the right home loan…
  • Property prices likely to rise before losing momentum
    We are expecting further growth in house prices this year … but at a modest pace, said Besa Deda, chief … Get help from a local mortgage broker…
  • Westpac closes property buyers' loophole
    Many mortgage brokers believe other lenders will soon clamp down on borrowers mixing personal and housing loans to bridge the deposit gap.
  • Federal government forces sale of properties in crackdown on foreign home ownership
    THE Federal Government has forced the sale of more than $100 million in property acquired illegally by foreigners, with two Queensland homes in the…
  • Interstate investors set to flock to to Brisbane’s middle ring suburbs
    Properties under $1 million will make up Brisbanes fastest growing market this year, agents say.
    Place CEO Damian Hackett said he expectedsubstantial growth in the $500,000 to $800,000 housing market, with middle city suburbs leading the way.
    The dramatic increase in property prices in Sydney and Melbourne over the past few years has dried up affordable investment housing stock, he said.
    We predict there will be rising competition in Bris…
  • Second time’s a charm for Melbourne property sellers
    Sellers held the ace cards at most auctions in Melbourne on the weekend, but real estate agents say a large spike in new listings will hit the market in late-February and March, giving buyers much more choice.
    Several properties that had failed to sell at auction last December were re-offered to the market at the weekend. They achieved or surpassed their reserves in a clear sign there are more active buyers than sellers.
    Pent-up demand from last year is flowing into this year&rs…
  • Westpac closes property buyers’ loophole
    Westpac has clamped down on borrowers mixing personal and housing loans to bridge the deposit gap