Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership February 8, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Who needs food when you can eat debt
    House prices are rising while wages stagger further behind, leaving Australian households established and otherwisewith immense hurdles and … cent) of those who have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months have been unable to buy food because of their rent or mortgage payments..
  • APRA's home loan curbs cost taxpayers $500 million
    “APRA’s actions to slow new lending in what it determined are higher-risk areas resulted in higher interest rates on both new and existing investment loans, boosted lenders’ profit on home loans and saw a decline in competition from some smaller lenders in the home loan market,” PC explained.
  • UBS: Mortgage applicants should provide tax file numbers
    Home loan applications should require tax file numbers to allow banks to independently verify customers’ earnings, according to UBS. Analysts from the financial services company said household income is being overstated by many borrowers in order to obtain mortgages they shouldn’t have qualified…
  • A history lesson on Australian terrace houses
    Picture the inner-city landscape of an Australian city, and terrace houses quickly come to mind.The rows of picturesque, conjoined homes of stone, brick and stucco, with cast-iron detailing, that evoke an earlier time. But how much do we know about these historic homes?
    Here arethe answers to some commonly pondered questions about Australian terraces.
    Why are they joined together?
    Firstly, considering the glut of land in the 19th and 20th cent…
  • Melbourne professionals trade boltholes for business bases on the Surf Coast
    Landscape designer Stephen Powell grew up in Melbournes bayside area and has lived in NSW, WA and north-east Queensland.
    But when it came time to raise his young family in the 1990s, he knew exactly where he wanted to be: Victorias Surf Coast.
    Stretching from Torquay in the north to Lorne in the south, the Sur…
  • New South Wales' housing supply growing at a snail’s pace
    The sluggish home completion rate and the restrained investment activity are sending property prices upwards
  • APRA's home loan curbs cost taxpayers $500 million
    The efforts to reduce interest-only loans have allowed banks to hike interest rates and have reduced market competitiveness
  • UBS: Mortgage applicants should provide tax file numbers
    A new study suggests many borrowers could be overstating their income to qualify for home loans
  • Mortgage mis-selling poses risk to banks
    UBS called the banks’ reporting of borrowers’ gross household income as “highly improbable”
  • Major bank sees $8.6bn loan switch
    With IO loans under the spotlight, many mortgage holders have made the switch to PI