Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 12, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Climate change brings bad news for property owners
    Australians residing in climate change hotspots should brace themselves not only for extreme weather events but also for slipping home values and soaring insurance premiums. According to a report on the New Daily, experts said home values in climate change hotspots could start to slump as…
  • Morgan Stanley: Expect more declining prices this year
    Morgan Stanley said the subsequent switch to principal-and-interest mortgage repayments will, on average, reduce household disposable income by approximately 7%. Our Alphawise survey suggests that interest-only borrowers are relatively high risk, as they are more highly leveraged, have fewer…
  • How to renovate a rental property for good returns
    Sure it can sting a little, but renovating your rentaltoday can yield a healthy return tomorrow. We ask the experts for their best tips on which necessities and niceties are guaranteed to yield thebest return.
    John Fredericks, principal at Place, says that successful rental properties share a common formula they are clean, functional, simplistic and honest.
    Tenants want their property to b…
  • Low-deposit loans push but analysts warn of risks
    A government-backed low-deposit home loan scheme could help address housing affordability by getting more buyers into the market and adding to … He warned that if house prices and income growth fell it became harder for buyers to purchase the portion of their shared-equity home they did not own.
  • Foreign buyers are dropping out of the Australian property race
    Soaring demand from foreign buyers of local property has dropped significantly in recent months as both Australian and Chinese policy-makers bear down on investor appetite.
    Foreign buyers will account for 18.1 per cent of residential sales in NSW in the three months to March 2018, down from 23.6 per cent in the same period a year ago, the latest ANZ and Property Council quarterly research found.
    In Melbourne, foreign buyers are expected to cover 21 per cent of residential proper…
  • Climate change brings bad news for property owners
    Australians living in climate change hotspots could see their home values drop.
  • ANZ: House prices will grow modestly in 2018
    The banks economists said strong population growth will underpin house prices, regardless of shifts in the economic cycle
  • Bank report set to reveal surprises: ACCC
    The ACCCs inquiry into competition in the financial system has delved deep into the banks home loan repricing from last June