Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 14, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Bannockburn: A town in demand as buyers move from Melbourne and Geelong, but can it keep up?
    Its 10 in the morning, and mums with prams are tussling to find a comfortable spot to sit. Despite the robust crowds, this isnt an inner Melbourne coffee house its Le Due Sorelle Cafe on High Street, the main road of Bannockburn.
    The rural township 93 kilometres south west of Melbourne founded in the 1850s was once a coaching stop, when the most popular route to the Ballarat goldfields was through Geelong.

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  • The Sydney suburbs set to see big changes in 2018
    Expert opinions differ on how exactly the city-wide property market will behave in 2018, but one thing is certain: these five Sydney locations are all about to undergo major changes.
    Dont be surprised if the housing stock in these areas generates significant chatter in the coming months.
    1. Badgerys Creek

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  • Beware rolling a car loan into a mortgage, report warns
    New RateCity research revealed that while an average home loan interest rate of 4.3 per cent is far cheaper than the 8.31 per cent average rate of a car loan, the much longer repayment term of a mortgage could mean the owner of a $30,000 car would end up paying $77,000 for it in total. Money could…
  • The 'everything bubble' could pop in 2018
    Meanwhile, Australia has seen east coast house prices go crazy. We are not alone. A simple home can cost well over a million dollars now in cities across New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and San Francisco. The everything bubble goes beyond share markets and homes. The global bond market is…