Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 2, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Opinion: Sorry tale of the great Queensland divide
    House prices are strong, and if the statistics are right, you’re either employed … Seven of the top 10 postcodes for mortgage failure are in Queensland.
  • Here's what 2017 will mean for your mortgage
    SIX years of falling home loan interest rates look likely to come to an end in … For many people a mortgage is set-and-forget but intense competition…
  • The Factors That Could Delay Your Mortgage Approval
    There’s a massive amount of paperwork you have to send over when you apply for a mortgage. Before your loan is officially approved, one false move…
  • A record-breaking year for Canberra property: 36 suburb records smashed
    More than one-third of Canberras suburbs had their highest ever residential sale in 2016, with records falling across all of the citys districts.
    Records were smashed in 36suburbs an indicator of the fiercely competitive markets shortage of stock, according to Allhomes data scientist Nicola Powell.
    In a market where you have rising prices you expect to see records being broken, but this is above what wed anticipate, Dr…
  • Fireworks as strata owners launch fighting fund to keep short-stay rentals out
    As Sydney readies forits biggest balcony-busting night of the holiday rental year, a group of high-powered apartment owners haslaunched a fighting fund to keep short-stay lets out of residential apartment buildings.
    The group claims most owners dont want short-stay lets in their buildings.
    It has raised $60,000 in donations and is nowpreparing for a bitter fight for the right to stay residential-only.