Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 22, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sues to buy Hawaii land for sprawling estate
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone to court to gain ownership of isolated pockets of land tucked away within his sprawling estate in Hawaii, many of which are less than an acre and could be split between hundreds of owners in a situation unique to the islands.
    The 14 parcels on the north shore of Kauai initially belonged to Native Hawaiians who were awarded the land during mid-19th century, when private property was established in the islands.
    Many of the owners died without …
  • How Wallan is transitioning from country town to Melbourne suburb
    Driving north up the Hume Highway, at least a dozen large land sale signswhoosh past. Theres now more billboards for house and land packages than wildlife warning signs along this once-rural stretch of Victoria, about 50 kilometres north of Melbourne. The flatpaddocks beyondthe signs will soon be replacedbythe same brick veneer houses and largegaragesthe highway left behind 20 minutes earlierin Craigieburn….
  • Sydney’s well-heeled have discovered Umina Beach and the prices prove it
    You can tell when the whos who of Sydney first discover a new holiday spot by the property results that soon follow.
    Take Umina Beach on the Central Coast where record highs have been set within six months of each other, and both by Sydneysiders with a penchant for a beachfront holiday home.
    Hazlenut farmers Bruce and Michelle West were the first to do well from Umina Beachs change in fortunes when they sold their absolute beachfront property last Jun…
  • How to save $77641 off your home loan
    Here’s the deal: it costs your bank about $1000 in marketing costs to replace you (and about six times that amount if you come via a mortgage broker…
  • First homebuyer left with buyer's remorse as affordability pressures hit home
    The number of single home loan applications with the home loan lender fell by 9 … Meanwhile, the average loan size for single-mortgage applications…
  • Apartment Developments Push US Residential Construction Higher
    The report adds to other recent evidence that home sales and construction have largely weathered an increase in mortgage rates since the fall. Steady…
  • Ipswich house prices looking up in "seller's market”
    FRESH sales data shows the city’s house prices have lifted slightly in what Ipswich property expert Darren Boettcher describes as a “seller’s market”.