Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 23, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Mortgage stress could hit one million households
    The number of Aussie households facing mortgage stress could top one million this year, according to Lucky Money, a mortgage broking firm with a focus on … The major reason behind this issue is people are so focused on the ability to pay back their home loan that they [forget] about paying off their…
  • Third fractional property investment platform enters Aussie market
    But with Sydney’s house prices beginning to cool, some experts say using platforms that restrict an investor’s ability to make decisions about their investments is not advisable. David Johnston, founder and managing director of Property Planning Australia, called the practice risky business as it relied on…
  • Royal Commission to hold banking misconduct hearing
    Australia’s Big Four banks have been under increased scrutiny in recent years due to allegations of mortgage fraud, dodgy financial advice, and life insurance improprieties. Other alleged improprieties include money laundering and benchmark interest rate meddling. The Honourable Kenneth Hayne,…
  • Australia "severely unaffordable" compared to global housing markets
    “Just since 2001, median house prices have increased the equivalent of more than three years in pre-tax median household income,” the report said. Amongst the 22 Australian housing markets included in the study, the report noted that the least expensive markets are Gladstone and Rockhampton.
  • The five things I wish I had known before becoming a rentvestor
    Buying your first property is hard, and slow wage growth and rising real estate prices in capital cities have only made it harder.
    Few are feeling the pinch more than Gen Y, who, as relative newcomers to the workforce, may face the prospect of being priced out of the market insuburbs where they currently live.
    Rentvesting where you continue to rent where you want to live after purchasing an investment property in a more affordable area was how I managed to …
  • Forget gentrification, has your suburb has been ‘mumified’?
    When I first moved into the suburb I now live in with my family, I was single. Back then,I couldnt help but notice the neat little row of shops a stones throw from my apartment, two of them devoted to childrens designer clothing, another two, displaying drapey, kaftan-esque dresses, perfect for the lactating mother. I noticed, too, the strollers and the prams….
  • The future Brisbane hotspot you haven’t heard about
    Theres a suburb about 20 kilometres north of Brisbane that is firmly on the radar of buyers and investors.
    Its not a new suburb. In fact, its been around for more than 100 years.
    But Petrie is changing in a big way and its attracting plenty of attention from across the country.
    The reason why? The suburb will be home to the countrys newest university campus from 2020.
    The University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Moreton Bay campus is ai…
  • Third fractional property investment platform enters Aussie market
    Buyers can purchase shares in a home for as little as $100