Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 27, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Estate in Evans Court, Toorak, priced above $45 million poised to break Victorian house price record
    One of Melbournes most reclusive and wealthy families is selling an extravagant Toorak estate, a collection of mansions expected to fetch up to $50 million.
    The six houses were amassed into one portfolioby the former head of BP, James Stafford-Fox, and his wife Moyna. The couple bought the grand mansion at 15 Evans Court and then spent nearly two decades accumulating five neighbouring properties, creating an exclusive compound in the citys richest pocket.
  • Falling prices in Brisbane to have national effect
    From overseas experience, which includes the US, Ireland and Britain, we know that the ability to pay can be measured by the debt service-to-income ratio, which in turn is driven by interest rates and mortgage contract changes. The willingness to pay is driven by the equity held in a property and can…
  • Oxfam report: Australia's wealth gap widens
    Already 820,000 households, or 1 in 4, are in mortgage stress. This is a mortgage crisis waiting to happen when these interest-only loans convert to principal and interest loans after five years. The largest weekly expense for families is housing (rent and mortgages) unsurprisingly followed by food…
  • New data shows families attracted to the Tranmere lifestyle
    New data from home loan and mortgage brokers Aussie and CoreLogic RP Data has dubbed Tranmere the most popular suburb for families with children within a 10km radius of Hobart’s CBD. The data, released today, showed almost half of the homes in the suburb (47.3 per cent) were occupied by…
  • Wealthy migrants favoured Australia over every other country last year
    Australia is the worlds top destination for wealthy migrants, according to New World Wealths2018 Global Wealth Migration Review, released this week.
    Claiming 10,000 of the total 95,000 high-net-worth individuals that moved country last year, Australias result placed it abovethe US for the third consecutive year.
    Only 15 million people around the world fit the reports criteria as being high-net-worth, with the highest number of wea…
  • Sydney and Melbourne are most at risk of a significant property price correction: JP Morgan
    House prices in some Australian capital cities have risen sharply in recent years, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. …. “With household housing debt to income the second highest in the developed world, and domestic mortgage rates more likely to be biased higher by global monetary tightening in…
  • Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo puts Hamptons farmhouse up for sale
    She might beTVs highest paid actressbut that hasnt stopped Greys Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo, from downsizing her property portfolio….